This is a poem describing what it feels like for me to dance

And when I dance

When I step out onto the floor 

I begin to feel

the wood reaches up to meet my spirit

and caress my foot. As I balance my body with time

, I can feel rhythm accept and then capture me, lift me in 

And then, I begin to dance.


My feet rise

One and then the other with hardly no effort


With a purpose that I can only anticipate

I freely give way to

I breathe

Into an air of transforming beats.

no instrument can compare but please keep trying

my arms reach and pull

for more      and sway To earth

and bow to sky that opens In the wake of

glistening leaves yet to form 

all the while Rain falls as tears

Gentle, as soft glass

And burst into joy and I fold into

my own bosom and know

God is real

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